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Impose magazine:
"The opening banger starts the glitz dazzling dance inspirations with “Hen Is Out There”, with the cautionary chill lounge plea for pause on, “Don’t Do It Yourself”, implying a movement to reach out for help, as the synths trip along the zapped frontiers lorded over by Luke Temple. Jet grinding skate boarding sensations kick flip through the contempoary futurism pop of, “Jet Set Radio Future”, closing out with a cloudy and wavy whirling homage to international nu-EDM dude, “Avicii”. "




Invader Ace

Invader Ace DDIY

Vinyl EP:

Scandinavian duo Invader Ace consists of Anton Toorell (SE) on guitar and vocals and Peder Simonsen (NO) on tuba and drum machines. Instead of using computers or synths to produce dance music, the band built a custom rig of cheap diy-electronics and a wall of old radios used as amplifiers. Invader Ace are like audio recyclers, creating new contexts for their instruments to function in. They challenge the perceptions of what electronic music should be.

Their music has been described like a mix of Mr. Oizo and Nisennenmondai , as a noisier version of Battles and Daft Punk‘s teenage demos. Over the last three years Invader Ace has released three EPs and several remixes, and played everywhere from art museums to techno clubs. Their upcoming release, DDIY EP is available on the 15th of April on Loyal Label.

DDIY EP was composed and recorded in Brooklyn, New York. After spending two months in a rehearsal space Invader Ace met up with producer Daniel James Schlett (Diiv, Friends, Prince Rama, Janka Nabay, Teen, Ghostface Killah) in Strange Weather recording studio. All the music was recorded live using only tuba, guitar, drum machines and vocals, virtually without any overdubs. They recorded the entire Ep in one day. The tune “Grrrl” features vocals from Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple, who happened to be in the neighbourhood getting coffee.

side A
01. Hen Is Out There
02. Don't Do It Yourself
side B
03. Grrrl
04. Jet Set Radio Future
05. Avicii

Peder Simonsen - tuba, drum machines, electronics
Anton Toorell - guitar, electronics, vocals

Guest: Luke Temple - vocals on Grrrl.

All music composed, produced and arranged by Invader Ace
Recorded and Mixed By Daniel James Schlett, Ocotber 21st and 22nd, 2013, at Strange Weather Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Jonas Sjostrom

Cover Art by Johann Toorell