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Time Out New York:
"The result is an ultrararity in experimental music: a lengthy improv excursion that’s as focused and indelible as a great pop song."

Free Jazz Blog:
"the raw energy, the power and the intensity make this a quite captivating performance."

All About Jazz (Troy Collins):
"Most contemporary saxophone and drum duets usually tend toward either short thematic improvisations or expansive free burnouts. Irabagon and Pride combine the two concepts, venturing into uncharted territory with a bracing new vision. I Don't Hear Nothin' But The Blues is history in the making."

Jazz and Blues Blogspot
"I liked this album a lot, it was fun to hear a couple of musicians just go hell for leather as long as they could. The music was visceral, exciting and unexpected album that was quite edgy and full of surprises."

All About Jazz (Mark Corroto):
"It's riotous, somewhat farcical, and intoxicating"

All About Jazz (Kurt Gottschalk):
""What kind of music is this supposed to be?" "I don't know, man. I don't hear nothin' but the blues."

All About Jazz Italia
"I Don’t Hear Nothing But The Blues has a devastating impact on the listener, invested by a force of impact unthinkable for two acoustic instruments"



Jon Irabagon

I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues

This is the first recording by this continuous, additive group. In their own words: "The set-up and breakdown of grooves and improvisational material is an attempt at melding many of our musical influences, both jazz and non-jazz, all while firmly remaining in the world of extended tenor saxophone and drum improvisation. While this world is now an accepted part of the jazz lineage, our goal is to stack levels of different genres, tempos, noise, and moods, and to constantly shift the focus within this pile: either collectively or individually. After running through these continuously churning and evolving layers, the initial motifs transform into the resulting ideas that appear later, while also reappearing in their original forms. This duality produces another level of tension. Our hope is that the listener is able to hear through these various shifting layers and to notice the progression, development, and return of the original motifs."

1. I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues

Jon Irabagon - tenor sax
Mike Pride - drums