RJ Miller

RJ Miller is a drummer, composer and keyboard player originally from Maine. Known for his beautiful sound and his great and unique beat he's currently working in the bands of Jorge Rossy, Bill McHenry, Kira Skov, Nicolai Munch-Hansen, Richard Andersson, Aaron Parks, Jeremy Udden, and Albert Sanz to name a few. In 2013 RJ released his debut solo album on Loyal Label.


RJ also appears on:
Opsvik & Jennings - A DREAM I USED TO REMEMBER


Michelle Arcila & Eivind Opsvik

Michelle Arcila has been described as “ a storyteller who uses very few words ”. Arcila was born in New York and has a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts. Her images have been exhibited at international venues, including Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz in Paris, the National Arts Club, and Jen Bekman Gallery in New York City. She has also photographed and served as art director for several album covers. Publications featuring Arcila’s work include Vogue Korea, Time Out NY, Metro Pop, Les Inrockuptibles and DownBeat. Her work appears in a number of private collections. She currently works in Brooklyn, Norway, and Costa Rica.

Eivind Opsvik is a Norwegian bassist/musician living in New York. His main projects are his band Overseas, the instrumental chamber-pop duo Opsvik & Jennings, and his solo music, which appears on ‘A Thousand Ancestors’. Opsvik also mixes, composes and produces music, and runs the Loyal Label record label. He played his first solo show at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2008 and has also performed solo at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC .

Opsvik has performed internationally in the bands of Paul Motian, Anthony Braxton, Tony Malaby, David Binney, and Nate Wooley, and collaborated with Bill Frisell, Brian Blade, Martha Wainwright, Daedelus, Paal Nilssen-Love, and Craig Taborn, among others. Downbeat magazine had this to say about his previous release, Overseas IV; "Eivind Opsvik's new opus belongs to a unique musical universe...”

Michelle Arcila & Eivind Opsvik - A THOUSAND ANCESTORS


Eliot Cardinaux

Pianist, composer, poet, improviser Eliot Cardinaux has worked in the free-music and avant-garde world for over 10 years. His piano sound is characterized by a light-handed touch and tone. His attention to detail in his work is exhibited in the editing process he has developed for his poetry, much like his process for composing, or mixing an album in the studio. His love and study of many musics as well as poetries, but specifically those which innovate, has helped him grow both lyrically and imagistically in his writing and his music.

He is known among the younger musicians on the East Coast and in parts of Europe for his personal approach as an improviser, poet and composer. He has served as poetry editor for the Boston Hassle, an online publication and community organization, and performs with groups and musicians such as American Thicket, the Mat Maneri quartet, the Mudbath Orchestra, Gestures, Osgood/Morgan/Cardinaux, Sandbox, In Example, Allen Lowe, Matthew Shipp, and Joe Morris.

He has penned seven poetry chapbooks to date, including Leaning Against the Mystery, The Virgin Clock, Guide to Torment, Treebones and Riddlepieces, time’schange (Studies in Mist: Abstracts from the Midnight Era), The Gown of Entry, and 21 Leaves. His poems have also been published in Caliban Online, and Big Big Wednesday, and he was recently asked to have his chapbook time’schange released through the Bloodroot Literary Journal as a full collection.

His first album as a leader, American Thicket, including both his piano playing and his poetry, released on July 8th 2016 on Loyal Label, features Mat Maneri (viola), Thomas Morgan (bass), and Flin van Hemmen (drums and percussion).

Eliot Cardinaux - AMERICAN THICKET


Seabrook Powerplant

From the Minutemen’s jazz-centric econo-punk to the bristling twang-rock of the Meat Puppets, Seabrook Power Plant joins a wide array of musical references without ever slipping into the grips of replication. In part due to their unique instrumentation, the band’s unyielding vision and superb ability as a musical unit sets them apart from their contemporaries. Alongside Sun City Girls, Frank Zappa, and Henry Flynt, Seabrook Power Plant is crafting a sonic universe of its own through daringly unusual and adventurous music

Brandon Seabrook on guitar and banjo. Jared Seabrook is on drums and Tom Blancarte plays bass.

Seabrook Powerplant - SEABROOK POWERPLANT II
Seabrook Powerplant - SEABROOK POWERPLANT

Brandon Seabrook also appears on:
Vinnie Sperrazza - Hide Ye Idols
Vinnie Sperrazza - APOCRYPHAL
Eivind Opsvik - OVERSEAS V
Eivind Opsvik - OVERSEAS IV



Landline is a quartet based in New York City with an innovative approach to composition, performance and pedagogy. Their method of composing can be viewed as a metaphor to their overall relationship with music; one that celebrates inclusiveness and the joy of artistic collaboration. The group is made up of some of New York City’s most creative composers and improvisers: Chet Doxas on tenor saxophone, Jacob Sacks on piano, Zack Lober on bass, and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums.
The concept of the group is based on an original composition game that is constantly ongoing within the band. The process is similar to the children’s game “broken-telephone” but in Landline’s case, the group uses musical ideas instead of spoken phrases. Each band member composes a musical idea then passes it down the line to the next group member. By the time the process is completed, each member of the group has edited or added to the original idea as they saw fit, thus making each piece of music and its interpretation highly collaborative.
At their live performances bound copies of the sheet music are made available to the audience so that they may observe the compositions in each stage of its development as the group performs live.
Landline has been active since 2014, performing at many of New York City’s premier listening rooms including, Smalls, Korzo, the Drawing Room and NuBlu. The combined musical experience that each member brings to this group includes past and present associations with such luminaries as: Carla Bley, Paul Motian, Butch Morris, Ethan Iverson, Dave Douglas, and many more.

Landline - LANDLINE

Vinnie Sperrazza at the drums at Bunker Studios

Vinnie Sperrazza

Vinnie Sperrazza is a Brooklyn-based jazz drummer. His first album as a bandleader and composer, Apocryphal, was released by Loyal Label on September 9, 2014, the follow up came out in 2017 and was titled “Hide Ye Idols”.
Originally from a small town south of Utica, New York, Vin moved to NYC a million years ago, just after the glaciers melted but before Tower Records closed.
He's played lots and lots of good music with many amazing musicians, but he feels really self-conscious about dropping names and all that so he's just not going to do it, save mentioning the late great Mr. James Williams, pianist, with whom Vin played many memorable concerts.
He's in lots of bands, spent a recent summer at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as an actor (he played a drummer- not much of a stretch- and was definitely NOT in a Shakespeare play, groatsworthy though he feels himself to be), is on some cool records that have just come out (Dana Lyn/Vincent D'Onofrio Slim Bone Head Volt, Jacob Garchik Ye Olde), and as of this writing, is preparing for the third recording of this Apocryphal band.

Vinnie Sperrazza - APOCRYPHAL
Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal - HIDE YE IDOLS

Vinnie also appears on:
Landline - LANDLINE