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October 2017

Hide Ye Idols - Released Oct 27

Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal - Hide Ye Idols, is out now on Vinyl, CD and digital. Order your copy right here from here

Or go to our favorite music selling website Bandcamp, there you can get the downloads, but also order physical copies if so desired. It's also up on all the major sites, like iTunes and similar.

Vinnie knocked it out of the park on this, his second for Loyal Label, release. Check it out folks!

August 2017

Hiding Idols

Drummer and composer Vinnie Sperrazza's sophomore release with his Apocryphal band will be out on October 27th on both vinyl LP, CD and digital. The album is called; Hide Ye Idols, and features his regular band of guitarist Brandon Seabrook, saxophonist Loren Stillman and bassist Eivind Opsvik. The record was expertly produced by Paris Monster's own Geoff Kraly.

March 2017

Overseas V

Eivind Opsvik's fifth opus in the Overseas saga is now available on CD/LP and digital. It has already been receiving good press from venerable outlets like The Wall Street Journal, BBC and others.. check it out

February 2017


The music video for Eivind Opsvik's "Brraps!" is now out. Watch it here

Video directed by Anais Blondet. Taken from the upcoming album "Overseas V" out on Vinyl, CD and digtal on March 17th.

"Brraps! is the tragic tale of a genius conductor gone mad. Once a living legend, he is now resigned to breaking into fancy homes to relive his glory days. He orchestrates an imaginary performance of his greatest avant-disco hit, passionately directing every sax solo, every bass note as if he was on stage. Once he's driven himself into a rabid, conducting-induced frenzy, he dusts himself off and moves onto his next break-in."

January 2017

Upcoming in 2017 Happy New Year - Fingers Crossed

On March 17th Eivind Opsvik will release the fifth installment in the Overseas saga, album aptly named Overseas V, From press release: Few groups and concepts have lasted as long, and have charted as much ground, as Overseas – a perennially hip, cinematic and cutting edge group featuring some of the brightest lights in the world of music. The leader's compositions for this album incorporate influences from early Brian Eno's avant rock epics, elegant post production, and at its core, impeccable musicianship and interplay amongst this very special ensemble.

Also coming in the fall is Vinnie Sperrazza's sophomore release with his Apocryphal band, this one will blow your mind.

July 2016

Buy Eliot Cardinaux's debut album now

Eliot Cardinaux' debut record; American Thicket, is now available here on Loyal Label, It features Mat Maneri, Thomas Morgan and Flin van Hemmen and it's a stunner. Listen to Angel.

Get the CD here on Loyal Label $13 + Shipping. Or get a download on Bandcamp.

May 2016

American Thicket in July

Re-emerging pianist, poet and composer Eliot Cardinaux' debut record; American Thicket, will be out on Loyal Label on July 8th. A haunting rifle through the undergrowth of American rural culture in tensile improvisation and verse.

April 2016


Loyal Label is now selling downloads through, a great artist friendly digital music shop for Improv, Noise, Contemporary etc. etc.. Please support.

February 2016

"Hack your drum machine..

..and make it control the lights" . Check out the new video from Invader Ace, and order their EP right here

December 2015

Sound your horn Invader!

Both Invader Ace and Sound Horn Ok Please have vinyl EPs available for sale right here on right now and forever (perhaps)

November 2015

Holiday Sale!!!

The beautiful luxury box set by Michelle Arcila and Eivind Opsvik; A Thousand Ancestors, is now on sale for $75, it will be an unique and very special gift for your loved ones, order now!

October 2015

Sound Horn Ok Please

Official release for the Sound Horn Ok Please EP is now December 1st, the vinyl EP will be available for sale here on that very date.

Invader Ace available soon

Due to unforseen circumstances it has taken longer to get the Invader Ace EP up for sale here on LL, but the wait is soon over, probaby early December.

April 2015

The Invader Ace invasion is upon us

Instead of using computers or synths to produce dance music, Invader Ace built a custom rig of cheap diy-electronics and a wall of old radios used as amplifiers. DDIY, their new EP, is now out. It will be available for sale here on as soon as we get the shipment in from Sweden. Listen on our soundcloud

January 2015

We welcome the 2015 with these upcoming releases

Excited to announce a couple of upcoming releases, both are vinyl EPs from new amazing Scandinavian bands; Sound Horn Ok Please will release their debut album in late February. Invader Ace, will follow with theit DDIYEP probably in March/April. Invader Ace plays dance music through old tube radios with a tuba, a guitar and drum-machines.

December 2014

A Thousand Ancestors in the New York Times

ATA was featured in NYT's playlist on Sunday 7th

A Thousand Ancestors - Available Now!

Happy to announce that the music and photography "box set" by Michelle Arcila and Eivind Opsvik is finally available for sale. Limited hand numbered edition of 500. Get it here!

September 2014

A Thousand Ancestors - release and pre-release and book signing

Here at the Loyal Label Headquarters we are very happy to announce the upcoming release of the box set: A Thousand Ancestors. A collaboration between photographer Michelle Arcila and musician Eivind Opsvik. It has been many years in the making.

The project is a limited edition box set (numbered edition of 500) designed by Espen Friberg containing a ten-track vinyl LP (plus a CD and download card), ten photographic prints, each of which correspond to a track on the record, and a poster.

Official release is December 2nd, but it will be available as a pre-release at the MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair this week, and Arcila and Opsvik are also doing a book signing there on Saturday. See the facebook event HERE

Here is a link to Arise, a song / photo from the release.

September 9th is Vinnie Day

It is Tuesday september 9 and it's time to release into the world Vinnie Sperrazza's magnetic new album; Apocryphal. Buy the CD right here or do the good ol' iTunes dance.

Callisto and Ganymede

Two new songs are out from the monthly released album by Opsvik & Jennings called Lune, August 1st saw the digital release of ; Ganymede. And on September 1st Callisto was out. Stream or Download on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. More songs coming out on the first of every month. Sign up on for email reminders.

July 2014

Titan from Lune - out now

Opsvik & Jennings are releasing Lune, a new ten track album available as a digital download. The album will be released one song at a time on the first day of every month starting July 1st. Here is the first song, Titan; Stream or Download on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Next song out August 1st, Sign up on for email reminders.

June 2014

Vinnie Sperrazza Next Up

Vinnie Sperrazza's magnificent new album will be released here by us on September 9th. The name of the album is Apocryphal (look it up) and it was expertly produced by Geoff Kraly. Check out the song Spalding Grey.

May 2014

New Opsvik & Jennings Album on Loyal Label

Opsvik & Jennings are releasing a new ten track album as a digital download. The album will be released one song at a time on the first day of every month, beginning on July 1st, 2014. Sign up to their email list to get notified And/or sign up for the Loyal Label email list.

RJ on Bandcamp

RJ Miller's Ronald's Rhythm is now available on Bandcamp. The whole album for the ridiculously low price of $7. No Excuses

February 2014

Buy Complete Catalog

The complete Loyal Label catalog is now availalble right here on our website, LPs, 7"s, CDs. All Buy links here (and scattered around the site)

Ja ! Karokh

Oslo, Norway based experimental rock band; Karokh is now out with their magnificent debut album on Loyal Label, Available Digitally (like on itunes) and on LP and CD available right here. Also; some great reviews are already coming in (in Norwegian) and we recomend you take a listen

January 2014

New Year New Music

Wishing everyone a happy new year. Here are the Loyal Label releases for 2014:

Karokh - Karokh, February 2014

Opsvik & Jennings - TBA, additive digital release, starting July 2014

Vinnie Sperrazza Band - Apocryphal, September 2014

Sound Horn Ok Please - TBA Vinyl EP, late 2014

Michelle Arcila/ Eivind Opsvik - TBA Record/Photography Box, second half 2014

November 2013

RJ's record out now

Hey All, RJ's record is now available, peeps are raving about it, we think it's one of the most unpretetnious and captivating albums, simply put, it's good music. Here is a Search and Restore feature on it, and a Bird Is The Worm review. You can buy the CD directly from here or elsewhere + the usual options for downloads. click here for more details

September 2013

New Signing: Karokh

Loyal Label will release the debut record of Karokh, an exceptional band from Oslo, Norway. Estimated release; February 2014.

"KAROKH is an alternative rock band emerging from Oslo, Norway. Delicately mixing noise rock, surf, acoustic folk tunes and minimalistic improvisation, the band successfully evades the stereotypes of a specific genre. The music is eclectic, innovative and surprising, and has caused sponteneous outbreaks of joy in as different locations as Norwegian clubs, Italian squats, Russian art galleries and Norwegian high security prisons.

Challenging the notion of what an alternative rock band can be, KAROKH is always searching for new sounds and will leave you all but indifferent."

July 2013

Release Date

RJ Miller's debut album; "Ronald's Rhythm" will be out November 5th 2013

May 2013

Updates on Upcoming

RJ Miller's debut album is in the final manufacturing stages, stay on the look out for a late summer release.

Another upcoming release is an EP vinyl with 'Sound Horn OK Please', a young 4 piece band from Oslo, Norway. It will probably be a late fall release. Intimate and slighlty dark, experimental pop music

December 2012

RJ Miller on Loyal Label

Excited to be adding RJ Miller to the catalogue, we'll release his debut record in first half of 2013. RJ's mystical and unique songs and great drumming (Sound! Big beat!) dancing around a bunh of analogue keyboards. Beautifully recorded and mixed by Pete Rende.

October 2012

Brandon Seabrook - best of NYC

Congrats to Brandon Seabrook on being declared 'Best Guitarist in NYC' by The Village Voice, we could not agree more, check out his two splendid records with his Seabrook Power Plant on Loyal Label, he's also an essential part of Eivind Opsvik's 'Overseas IV'

August 2012

Tuesday August 14th; Rusk - Out Today

'Rusk' the compilation album we conceived in collaboration with Fenetre Records is now officially out.

Buy it here:

CD Baby (cds and downloads)

Amazon (downloads)


With never before released and specifically recorded music by

Clayton Thomas,    Jon Irabagon, Kim Myhr & Sebastien Roux, Toby Driver, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Svarte Greiner & Kjetil Møster, Okkyung Lee, Ben Gerstein, Eivind Opsvik, Nate Wooley, and Splashgirl  

Bounce on the Soundcloud

We now have a more elaborate page on Soundloud, check it out, there are some free downloads up as well.

May 2012

Rusk in August

'Rusk' the compilation album we conceived in collaboration with Fenetre Records will be officially out on August14th, 2012

It features music never before released and specifically recorded for this album by Clayton Thomas,    Jon Irabagon, Kim Myhr & Sebastien Roux, Toby Driver, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Svarte Greiner & Kjetil Møster, Okkyung Lee, Ben Gerstein, Eivind Opsvik, Nate Wooley, and Splashgirl  

Take a sneak listen to a few of the tracks on our soundcloud page

April 2012

Youth Hopeth - Video Premiere + single available now

'Eivind Opsvik - Youth Hopeth' - video premiere today (april 20), watch it here, by the amazing director Iris Piers...

The 7” white vinyl is now available online, it contains the two songs from the video and comes with full album download of 'Overseas IV'. Limited numbered edition of 250, machine stamped. Get it here:



April 17th - Overseas IV out today

Check out 'buy' page for tips for where to get CDs and downloads online.

The record is now also on bandcamp, the best download site in our opinion, full streams, hi-res files...

The 7” vinyl will be available online later this week:

7” inch vinyl with two songs from ‘Overseas IV’. Comes with full album download. Limited numbered edition of 250, machine stamped.

March 2012

Release Show at Le Poisson Rouge

Eivind Opsvik will release his new album, Overseas IV, at Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street in Manhattan, on Tuesday April 3rd at 6:00pm. Dawn of Midi will play an opening set. Event page

Overseas IV is a sweepingly epic collection that marks the fourth release in a near decade long series of recordings that includes Overseas (2003), Overseas II (2005) and Overseas III (2008).

Featuring instruments like Timpani, Harpsichord, Mandolin and the Marching Machine the focus is on finding a band sound and unique moods rather than virtuosic soloing and complexity.

February 2012

Look at photos

Pictures from the recording session for Eivind Opsvik's 'Overseas IV' back in August of last year: Here and here

IV in April

Eivind Opsvik - Overseas IV will be released digitally, on Compact Disc, and as a two song 7" vinyl (includes album download) on April 17th 2012

December 2011


To be released in summer of 2012; Rusk is a compilation cd in collaboration with Fenetre Records featuring some really beautiful music by these artists:

Clayton Thomas   

Jon Irabagon

Kim Myhr & Sebastien Roux

Toby Driver

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

Svarte Greiner & Kjetil Møster    

Okkyung Lee

Ben Gerstein

Eivind Opsvik

Nate Wooley


November 2011

Paul Motian

The great Paul Motian sadly passed away on November 23. Thank you for all the wonderful music.

October 2011

Power Plant on Bandcamp

Both Seabrook Power Plant albums up now on Bandcamp, $7 each, $1 pr. track. It's a steal!

July 2011

Overseas IV

Eivind Opsvik and his Overseas band will record their fourth record in August in New York. Tony Malaby, Jacob Sacks, Kenny Wollesen and Brandon Seabrook. To be released on Loyal Label in early 2012

Power Press

Lots of new press on Seabrook Powerplant II, for example this article from Jazz Times and a review in Wall Street Journal

June 2011


We're now on twitter. Please follow us and get updates on releases, live shows, merch and more. Click here

May 2011

Seabrook Powerplant Website

Check out their new website, you can also buy their two explosive records on their site. Seabrook Powerplant II is officially out now on Vinyl, CD and Digital. Listen and download the track "Lamborghini Helicopter" here (free)

March 2011

Village Voice Q & A

Brandon Seabrook of Seabrook Power plant answers questions re their upcoming release on the Village Voice blog; Sound of the City

Power plant Release + free download

Seabrook Power plant II will officially be released on April 26th on Vinyl, CD and Digital. Listen and download the track "Lamborghini Helicopter" here (free)


Opsvik & Jennings album; "A Dream I Used to Remember" is now available on Bandcamp for a "Name Your Price" deal, don't miss this opportunity to listen to the album popmatters called : "an instrumental album of exquisite pop deconstruction."

More Loyal Label releases soon to come on Bandcamp

January 2011

Happy Twenty Eleven

This year will bring a lot of exciting activity on Loyal Label.

First out is a new record by Seabrook Powerplant, this one is going to be a killer, released on vinyl and downloads.

Rusk, the compilation album that we compiled in collaboration with Norwegian label, Fenêtre Records, will finally come out. Great artists like Okkyung Lee, Toby Driver, Nate Wooley and Kammerflimmer Kollektief have contributed.

A collaboration between photographer Michelle Arcila and musician Eivind Opsvik will result in a Record Book this year, more details to come.

And finally the t-shirts will be up for sale here very soon.

Best of...

Loyal Label's sole release in 2010; Jeff Davis - We sleep outside, got on some exquisite 'best of" list; Troy Collins, who reviewed the record earlier, had it on his list. It was also on All About Jazz' (NY) list.

There's also a new review of mr. Davis' record here

October 2010

New Review

Downtown Music Gallery review of Jeff Davis' 'We Sleep Outside' by Bruce Lee Gallanter: "This is Jeff Davis’ first disc as a leader and it is a powerful debut from one of Downtown’s best drummers. I’ve played this a half dozen times over the past month and I am still blown away by the energy and craft that went into this gem."

September 2010


Is one of the great Neil Young songs, Eivind Opsvik recorded a bass and voice version of this song last spring. It is available as a free download here. A little teaser for Eivind's solo record to be out on Loyal Label in 2011.

May 2010


Yup! that's right, Loyal Label t-shirts are on their way. They will be designed by the great Espen Friberg and will be available to buy right here on this website in a few months, you gonna want one so start saving.

April 2010


"Underground scenes often foster an incredible range of new talent—counterbalanced by equally fierce competition. Historically it has been the role of independent labels to capture the prevailing zeitgeist, separating the innovators from the imitators. The Brooklyn-based Loyal Label is quickly becoming one of the most noteworthy of such stateside independents."

- Troy Collins here

February 2010

We Sleep Outside - Release Show Inside at...

Drummer and tune smith Jeff Davis' debut record as a leader; We Sleep Outside, will be released on March 30th, Record release show at Cornelia Street Cafe in Manhattan, NY on Tuesday April 20th

More About the Folks

The artist page has been updated, take a look

December 2009

Best of 2009

- Eivind Opsvik's Overseas III is on Wire magazine's list over best jazz & related releases of 2009 (although it was actually released in 2008)

- Hank Shteamer in Time Out New York has Jon Irabagon's "I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues" on his top ten list and gives Seabrook Power plant honorable mention

- Seabrook Powerplant is part of 2009 list

- and also on top 40 by Peter Margasak of Chicago Reader

- Seabrook ranks fourth here; over 70 musicians list their favorites of 2010

- Opsvik & Jennings' A Dream I Used to Remember' is number 3 on top 10 jazz releases of 2009 list in Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten. Not bad for an album without a single 'solo'

- O & J also tops Tim Clarke's list on Sic Magazine

- and is on the list of Milk Milk Lemonade

- and Clive Bell's (Wire Contributor) list

- "I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues" won the Best original artwork category in All About Jazz ( New York), design by Allan Naslund

We Sleep Outside

is the name of Jeff Davis' debut record. Mr. Davis' adventurous band perform his tunes in quite a maximalist fashion. Record will be out in February 2010

October 2009


Some upcoming NYC shows with Loyal Label artists:

Seabrook Powerplant:

october 26th @ cake shop 9pm with many arms/starring/schnAAK

december 3rd @ zebulon 9pm

december 10th @ the stone 8pm

Eivind Opsvik Overseas:

november 3rd 10pm at Zebulon

november 13rd 10pm at Nublu (62 Avenue C)

September 2009

Own Cover Photo

The exquisite photo that grace the cover of Eivind Opsvik's Overseas III record was taken by Michelle Arcila, this photo is now available for purchase in various sizes on the excellent art site 20x200, and it's affordable, click here

August 2009


"The energy filled and exciting record label Loyal Label has brought new life to contemporary music in USA" Quote from Norwegian music magazine, Jazznytt

July 2009


A Joint release is set to be out later this year, when Loyal Label teams up with the Oslo, Norway, based label Fenetre Records, run by Jørgen Brauti, to release a fabulous experimental/jazz/improv/whatever comp with some incredible artists. Stay tuned!

Live Reviews

Time Out New York checked out concerts by both Seabrook Powerplant and Jon Irabagon and wrote a cool blog post about it, Read it here

New York Times also went to the Powerplant show and wrote this

Vinyl Ready

The vinyl version of Opsvik & Jennings' new record is finally available, get it online at Insound, or if you're in NYC you can pick up a copy at Other Music or Academy Records.

June 2009

Opsvik & Jennings Record Release Show at Nublu, June 15th 9:30pm

Release show for the new album on Loyal Label at Nublu which is located at 62 Avenue C, East Village, NYC. The new record will be available on CD for 'pay what you want' price and the LP will at last be available for a very special price of $10, this night only

Seabrook Powerplant

Official relase for Seabrook Powerplant's debut album is set to July 14th. Release Show at Zebulon on July 7th

May 2009

Jon Irabagon Cd Release Show at Coco 66, May 17th 9pm

I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues - CD release show for the new album on Loyal Label, Jon Irabagon - tenor sax and Mike Pride - drum set. CoCo 66 is located at 66 greenpoint ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC. Admission is $6. We will be selling the new CD, so get em while the gettin's good

Free Download and Release Date

Opsvik & Jennings' new album, A Dream I Used to Remember, will be available as a free download on their website on May 1st, but for a limited time only. The Official US release date for the CD and LP is May 26th, check back here soon for more info on where to purchase etc.

March 2009

Hear Song from Upcoming Opsvik & Jennings Record

Sneak peek: "September and Starry-eyed" a song from Opsvik & Jennings' upcoming record; "A Dream I Used to Remember" (out in May on Loyal Label) is now available on Opsvik & Jennings website and on their myspace.

Hear it!

February 2009

Opsvik & Jennings on Loyal Label

"A Dream I Used to Remember", Opsvik & Jennings third record, will be released on CD, vinyl and downloads on Loyal Label hopefully in early May (release date tba). The record features ten new songs, a female choir, brass section, more guitar and double bass, drums by Opsvik and RJ Miller, banjo by Jennings and more.

January 2009

Upcoming Releases

Two upcoming releases in the coming months

first up is Jon Irabagon and Mike Pride saxophone and drums explorations on "I Don't Hear Nothing But The Blues"

to be followed by Brandon Seabrook's three piece; Seabrook Powerplant, featuring Brandon's compositions for banjo and guitar

Village Voice LIst

Overseas III is on Village Voice list over best jazz and pop records of 2008.

check it here >>

Loyal Label Nights

at I-beam in Brooklyn

January 16th & 17th 2009

Friday January 16th 8pm ($10):


Jeff Davis - drums and percussion

“Drummer Jeff Davis has a steady profile in left-of-center New York jazz circles...”

- Nate Chinen, The New York Times

“Jeff Davis plays his kit with alert responsiveness, less a traditional rhythm section accompanist, than a creative soloist and spry agitator...”

-Troy Collins, All About Jazz



Rolletta Fynn - voice and guitar

"I was born in tampa florida under the oldest oak tree in the contiguous united states. making for and itchy childhood, i was covered in powder and boot straps but i flew here, on a plane all the way to new york and now i sleep with my head facing north. my mom shelved books and my dad killed bugs but we made it. we made it ours" RF



with Opsvik & Jennings

Rich Johnson - trumpet/laptop

Eivind Opsvik - lapsteel/bass guitar

Aaron Jennings - guitar

On his first solo recording, Rich Johnson’s “Up the Turret Mil” explores a mix of trumpets, guitars, and pianos with laptop glitch, sampling, and musique concrète. Many of the songs began as experiments with laptop and electronic-acoustic treatments on the trumpet, and bridge Johnson’s many influences – from free jazz to folk music.

" 'Up The Turret Mill', I suppose, could be likened to Terry Riley meets Stockhausen; take the more melodic, trance-like Riley and shake in some of Karlheinz's angular and spiky outpourings and you'll start to get a little closer to where Rich Johnson is going... "


Saturday January 17th 8pm ($10):


Jon Irabagon - tenor sax

Mike Pride - drums

Winner of the 2008 Thelonius Monk Competition, Jon Irabagon, plays the blues with his drummer friend Mike Pride. A continuous additive duo, last instrument to be added is the bass and it probably wont be heard.

"It sounds like a mentally disturbed Sonny Rollins with a guy soundchecking on drums" Anonymous

CD to be released on loyal label early 2009



Eivind Opsvik - upright bass

Eivind did his first solo performance at Copenhagen Jazz Festival in the summer of 2008, his second solo show was at the Kennedy Center in december of 08, this will be his third solo show.

"Opsvik's bass has an aching sound, with his lines plumbing the depths to find almost folk-song-like melodies" All



Brandon Seabrook - guitar and banjo

Tom Blancarte - bass

Jared Seabrook - drums

"guitarist–banjo player Brandon Seabrook has made a name for himself applying the latter ax to avant-jazz and experimental contexts. His rousing trio Power Plant combines those aesthetics with gleeful rock bombast" Time Out

debut record to be released on loyal label, spring 2009


Eivind OpsvikComment